Why Should I Buy from Bare Knuckle Performance?

Why Should I Buy from Bare Knuckle Performance?

Sam's Buell powered Sportster
We are always asked “what makes your parts different from all the other parts manufacturers?” In short, we do it better. We use the finest materials of the highest quality. Our machine work is absolutely top of the line. Our design work is unmistakable. Read more About BKP, our backstory and history as we celebrate 20 years in business this year!
Shovelhead Chopper built by Bare Knuckle Performance

When we set out to create our performance parts, we are not just making a part so we can say “Hey! We also make one of those!” We always strive to improve upon the performance, reliability, and aesthetics of a motorcycle part. We solve a problem. We make your motorcycle better. Hours of research are put into exploring all possible solutions, finding the perfect material to suit the job, fine tuning design work and making the part look as good as it performs, and reducing costs. All of this brings you the best high quality part at a fair price.

Paul & Sam working on custom chopper build

 Anyone can take an existing part and change a few design cues, add some flashy coatings, and have their new parts produced and bubble wrapped in China before being shipped to your door.

We don’t do that.

Our route is much more intense!

Shovelhead Intake made by Bare Knuckle Performance

The first question we ask is “how do we make this better?” This can be simple to answer; the entire reason for making the new part is due to known failures or shortcomings inherent to a particular OEM part. Other times it takes a little more thought, and some trial and error. Once that question is answered, we go to work.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a few hours in front of the CAD (computer-aided design) software, measuring and remeasuring, and we have a concept.

CAD drawing of FLEX Modular Risers

Other times it involves many hours in front of the CMM (coordinate measuring machine), rolling multiple bikes on and off the lift, double and triple checking measurements amongst different models and years, phone calls, web research- you name it. This part of the process can be very time consuming. Once the design concept has been approved, a prototype is made. Many times a plastic model is printed to help us check fitment and aesthetics. After any changes are made, we grab the proper material and take it to one of our machines. Here we will make 1-2 prototypes. Following this, we head to the bike for which this particular part is destined (unless any secondary machine-work or post-treating is called for). All secondary components will be sourced at or before this point; USA Made fasteners, thread lube, etc, are chosen, and the entire product is ready for testing. You'll notice all of our Made in USA ARP bolts and accessories.

Now the fun part…

You’ll see our personal and shop bikes that have raw parts on them you may not recognize. That frequently indicates a new prototype.

Custom Road Glide with Bare Knuckle Performance parts

We prefer to run the parts uncoated to allow easier inspection. Each part is put through many miles of use and abuse at this point. It is not uncommon for a product to get tens of thousands of miles prior to being offered to the public. One instance of long term testing is the case of our Antihero Cush Drive Chain Conversion Kit; this particular product has been on our shop Road Glide for 10 months, and is approaching 10,000 miles of use. We are proving our design will outlast all others. Have a look at some of our other Harley Touring Parts.

We want you to buy from us for a lifetime, and this kind of testing assures we offer exactly that.

We will dial in final fitments and tolerances, assure proper material and treating is in use, and address any other concerns. Once we are fully satisfied with the performance and appearance of the product, we produce an initial production run. Our local finishers and heat treaters will be visited next, followed by a final Quality Control Check, and then assembly in our facility. A quick trip through one of our various packaging processes and proper labeling, and the product is set on a shelf, waiting for your order. We go through a very meticulous process to bring you the absolute best motorcycle parts on the planet. If you are looking for the best in performance, longevity, and appearance, we are your go-to. We will further delve into each of the above mentioned processes in later posts. 

Shovelhead Gas Tank on Chopper build

You will soon see why Bare Knuckle Performance products outshine all others.

Go Faster. Stop Quicker. Look Better.
Bare Knuckle Performance

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