1980-2001 FXR/FLT Touring Complete Axle Adjustment Kit

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Finally, a COMPLETE axle adjustment kit for your 1980-2001 FXR, FLT, or Touring bike. This fixes EVERY issue associated with your axle area! First, we use our tried and true axle adjustment plates to eliminate the distortion and failure common with the stock steel plates. Then, we made a pair of adjustment blocks that occupy the entire space inside your swingarm, eliminating wall crush and vertical movement. Also, we use a roll formed SS Stud for adjustment, which terminates two issues compared to using bolts for adjustment. First, the stud is locked into the block leaving no room for thread damage inside the block. Second, the use of a Nylock on the stud “locks” the nut into place, keeping your adjustment exactly where you want it, and no more lost fasteners! And last of all, we beefed up the stud size to 3/8-24, as opposed to the stock 5/16" thread. These are unbreakable! You’ll never have adjustment problems or adjustment area damage ever again. Adjustment blocks are black oxide coated.