"Exhibit A" - BKP 20th Anniversary Knife by Mick Strider Knives

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You know us, we never jump on the band wagon or follow the status quo. So when it came time for a unique keepsake to commemorate our 20th anniversary, we knew EXACTLY who to call. 

None other than Mick Strider Knives- hand forged works of art, forged for war!

Paul and Mick have been friends for nearly a decade, and Mick's attention to detail and quality are unparalleled in the blade world.

We knew we wanted a fixed blade, semi-tactical knife for this project, and when speaking with Mick about which of his designs would fit the bill best, without hesitation, this particular design was named. Years ago a friend challenged Mick to make a "tactical steak knife", or a tactical knife that could surgically carve up your carnivorous meal. The design is Mick's all time most sought after fixed blade. Oddly enough, it was Paul's first choice as well.

May we present to you... "Exhibit A". 

But this is not just a knife. No sir. This is the complete package, including handmade wood box (made in Idaho), customized with all the artistry and finishwork right here in our BKP headquarters in STL, MO. Each keepsake box is individual and unique. Add to that a super cool swag package, and even a little surprise under the lid, and you have the ultimate commemorative knife!

Each knife is serialized and features the amazing artwork of Darren McKeag.

These knives are VERY limited. We only commissioned 100 knives total, and when they're gone, that's it until 2053 when we celebrate our 50th.

Knives are made from CPM154 stainless steel, and are black oxide coated. Hardware is titanium. Handle is course peel ply G10. 

High quality, custom made USA made Kydex sheath is included. 

As always, inside and out, this piece is 100% Made in the USA. 

*sheath holder sold separately

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