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The Clinch Fork Brace, 2000-2013 Touring

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-The Clinch Fork Brace for 2000-2013 Touring models is the ONLY fork brace on the planet that properly, and safely keeps your forks stable and correctly spaced

-OEM fork sliders are NOT perfectly round, and therefore NO fork brace is a "direct fit"

-Out of round and irregular fork sliders force any one-size-fits-all fork brace to push or pull the forks from their intended spacing, causing premature bushing and seal wear

-Use of the The Clinch Fork Brace on your Touring model requires your sliders be machined to accept the diameter that matches perfectly up to The Clinch

-Will also work with 1999/earlier Touring sliders. We do not stock 99/earlier sliders for exchange program

-Contact orders@bareknuckleperformance to coordinate having your sliders machined to match The Clinch, or to inquire about in-stock fork sliders that are made to accept The Clinch