Narrow Triple Tree Kit

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The sleekest Narrow Triple Tree Kit on the market!

We've decided to bring back one of our oldest and favorite products, but with some great advancements

-Our Narrow Triple Trees are the same dimensionally as  a stock narrow glide (7" center distance of tubes)

-Your choice of our premium narrow glide stainless steel axle is included

-Steering stem, tapered flange washer, ARP stem bolt  & anti seize (1-2 applications) included

-Equipped with integral steering stop mount holes

-Drilled and counterbored for 3/8" headlight bolt

-Drilled and counterbored for 1/2" riser bolts

-Traditional 3 1/2" riser bolt spacing

-100% Made in USA

-All necessary hardware included

For you 41mm fans, don't forget to pick up a set of our one-piece 41mm Tube Caps!

*Disclaimer -Axle and nut must be 100% clean before installation and coated with provided anti-seize (LOCTITE LB8012). This includes "test fitting/ hand tightening". 

If the axle nut is removed, the axle threads and but threads must be cleaned and provided anti- seize ( LOCTITE LB8012) must be reapplied. 

Additional anti-seize available for purchase.

We recommend all parts be installed by a qualified mechanic. No warranty/ replacement on any seized axles. 

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