"The Clinch" Fork Brace, 2014/later Touring

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-The Clinch Fork Brace for 2014/later Touring models is the ONLY fork brace on the planet that properly, and safely keeps your forks stable and correctly spaced

-OEM fork sliders are NOT perfectly round, and therefore NO fork brace is a "direct fit".

-Out of round and irregular fork sliders force and one size fits all fork brace to push or pull the forks from their intended spacing, causing premature bushing and seal wear

-Use of the The Clinch Fork Brace on your Touring model requires your sliders be machined to accept the diameter that matches perfectly up to The Clinch

-Contact orders@bareknuckleperformance to coordinate having your sliders machined to match The Clinch, or to inquire about in-stock fork sliders that are made to accept The Clinch